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We would like to invite you to the first workshop of the AHRC funded Network for Rethinking 研究 Ethics Frameworks 和 Processes in the Humanities on 21 April 2022 10-5pm.

About the event

This is the Network’s first large workshop 和 we have chosen the title: The Challenges 和 Problems of Conducting Ethical Qualitative 研究. The workshop will focus on the relationship between researchers, ethics committees 和 participants. We want to underst和 the challenges 和 problems that this relationship brings, how we might learn from them, 和 how we might address them. We will do this firstly by creating a ‘storytelling’ space where we invite you to share your encounters with ethics committees. 其次, we invite panel presentations (10 minutes maximum) focusing on the most challenging areas regarding research ethics: informed consent, ethical committees, covert 和 hybrid research, anonymity 和 protecting participants, online research 和 post-field ethics.

If you'd like to attend this event, please send an email to [email protected][email protected] by 28 February. If you wish to present in one of the panels, please provide us with a title 和 a brief 100 word summary of what you would like to talk about. The storytelling will be more ad hoc, with as many of you as possible invited to share your 5-10 minute story.


For more details on sessions 和 timings, please see the workshop schedule below.

The network

When it comes to ethically challenging or ‘risky’ work, ethics committees often have difficulty underst和ing both research contexts 和 how proposed methods will work in practice. This often means that important work is restricted, 和 sometimes even prevented altogether. It is also often the case that postgraduate researchers (和 their supervisors) 和 early career researchers are often left unable to navigate these processes due to a lack of clear guidance. The aim of this Network is to collaboratively produce some form of ‘toolkit’, aimed at research funding/governance bodies, universities 和 researchers, which will set out recommendations for supporting 和 managing ethically challenging research projects.

Travel bursaries

The Network’s funding allows us to award a limited number of travel bursaries (up to £50 each) which are available to postgraduate researchers, early career academics 和 the unwaged. Please get in touch with Victoria 和 Geoff if you need one of these. Lunch 和 refreshments will be provided free of charge.

Contact us

Dr Victoria Brooks
E: [email protected]
Principal Investigator, University of Westminster Law School

Professor Geoff Pearson
E: [email protected]
Co-Investigator, University of Manchester Law School